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Submit your software PAD file to 100+ sites.


Automatically submit your software PAD file to 100+ shareware and freeware sites with just one click.

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Submit software PAD file to 1000+ soft sites.


PADADD automatically submit your software PAD file to 1000+ shareware and freeware sites with just one click.PADADD is the only product on the market to submit to soft sites that require a validation code or logon account.

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Blog Promotion Software

Blog Promotion Software

What good is your blog if no one is watching? Our Blog Promotion Software will allow you to spend more time writing and less time trying to get the word out! Our fully integrated suite will seamlessly take care of ALL of your blog promotion needs

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Сабмит в программные архивы


Робософт - это утилита для авторов программного обеспечения, упрощающая сабмит на программные архивы. Робософт предоставляет доступ к базе из более, чем 600 шаблонов сайтов, используя эти шаблоны для автоматического заполнения форм сабмита.

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Excellent way to manage a shareware business.

Shareware Express

Sales tracking and analysis system for independent software vendors. Retrieving orders from RegNow and Avangate, convenient search, data export, sales charts, and a lot more.

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Make your software visible, increase sales.

Tribecaads software submission service

We offer manual submission service, hand-performed by our skilled consultants. This method of submitting your software information to download sites brings best results, as we are able to proactively react to all problems and errors.

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Abes Of Main Promotion Code - Simple app.

Abes Of Main Promotion Code

Abes Of Main Promotion Code - Simple application that will give you promotion codes to help with savings on Tv and Camera purchases from Abes of Main. Thanksto the ease of use you will have no problem finding the best Abes of Main Promotion Code.

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Tmobile Promotion Code - Simple application.

Tmobile Promotion Code

Tmobile Promotion Code - Simple application created to give you up to date promotion codes for Tmobile. The application is very easy to install and once installed it will be a pleasure to use it. Tmobile Promotion Code.

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Sandals Promotion Code - Useful application.

Sandals Promotion Code

Sandals Promotion Code - Useful application that will give you the freshest promotion codes to help you save on their vacation to Sandals. The application is making a great vacation cheaper and more affordable. Sandals Promotion Code.

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fully automated software submission solution

ABB PAD Submitter

Helps shareware authors to easily submit their PAD files to over 200 shareware / freeware sites.

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