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Free screensaver showing shoes sizes

Shoes Chart Screensaver

Free screensaver showing mens and womens shoes sizes conversion. Converts your shoes, boots, atheletic shoes, dressing shoes, mens shoes and womens shoes sizes to other systems based on the internation shoe size conversion chart.

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freeware, free screensaver, shoes screensaver, download

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A screensaver of shoes!

Comfy Shoes Screensaver

Some people like looking at shoes a lot, so I figured that a shoe screensaver would be perfect for them. Shows a variety of shoe types and styles. Easy installation.

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shoes, sandals, footwear

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Carpet Skates are plastic sliders

Carpet Skates

Carpet Skates are plastic sliders that securely fasten under athletic shoes with a Velcro strap. Once, the skates are hooked under the shoes, they create a gliding sensation on carpet, comparative to socks on a hardwood floor – with more control.

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Fun slides, funslides, carpet skates, trick stick, trick sticks

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Screensaver for all kinds of pig leather

Pig leather screensaver

In this screensaver, you will enjoy different kinds of pig leather for shoes, garments, leather belt, glove or leather bags and so on.

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pig leather screensaver, pig leather, shoe lining, tailileather

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Article on health benefits of walking.

Walking Shoes

An article on the health benefits of walking. Prevent diabetes, heart trouble and other ailments with mild walking every day. Also talks about how weight can creep up on you over the years and how to get rid of it.

Ключевые слова:
walking, shoes, exercise

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Put on your mountain shoes.

Rock Jumper

Put on your mountain shoes. You are in for some outdoor action. Burning sun and a cloudless sky, dry leaves, and hard rock. Make your way up eighteen different mountain ranges from the European Alps to the Summit of Mount Everest.

Ключевые слова:
mountain, climb, game, outdoor

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Step into the shoes of a brand new bartender

Cocktail Mania

Step into the shoes of a brand new bartender fresh out of school, and experience your very own Cocktail Mania! Serve up some tasty concoctions and keep your customers happy to make it to the top! Begin at the bottom working at a beach bar, and climb

Ключевые слова:
vegas, las vegas, adventure, greece, mystery adventure

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Women??™s Sandals: A Pair Or Twelve In Every

Women's Sandals

Women??™s Sandals: A Pair Or Twelve In Every Closet. Most women take at least some interest in fashion. They may not be the most stylish or trend-conscious person, but almost every woman at least cares what they look like and has personal preferences.

Ключевые слова:
footwear, womens sandals

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Step into the shoes of a Drug Dealer

Drug Dealer Renegade

Step into the shoes of a Drug Dealer. Your family is murdered and your drug cartel is destroyed. Now you want revenge. With a little cash from a loan and your old connections, it??™s time for you to make money buying and selling drugs.

Ключевые слова:
drug dealer, drug, dealer, drugs, drug cartel

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Dark Ritual is an interesting adventure game.

Dark Ritual

Step into the shoes of a detective who has been approached by the FBI to take over a terrifying case and stop a Dark Ritual! Explore Dr. Seymour Brown??™s spooky mansion and see what the crazed scientist has been experimenting with!

Ключевые слова:
Dark Ritual, adventure, puzzle

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