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skins for xakep cd datasaver
xakep cd datasaver
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Дом и Обучение :: Хобби
Аудио :: Запись CD и DVD
Утилиты :: Другое
Каталогизатор дисков от журналов Xakep

Xakep CD DataSaver

Как только нам нужна какая либо программа в первую очередь мы ее ищем на диске от журнала Xakep и когда таких дисков скапливается около 10 или больше поиск программ затрудняется. В помощь придет Xakep CD DataSaver!

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Xakep CD DataSaver, Skins for Xakep CD DataSaver, Plugins for Xakep CD DataSaver

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Burns Audio CD and play in car and at home.

MP3 Audio CD Burner

With MP3 Audio CD Burner you can burn your own custom audio CDs that can be played in any standard home stereo or car stereo or portable CD player with MP3 and WAV files. Besides, you also can burn about 200 music to CD or 1200 music to DVD.

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audio CD burners, audio burning softwares, burn audio cd, mp3 to audio CD, burn mp3 CD

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Powerful and easy CD DVD burner and cloner.

Cute CD DVD Burner

Cute CD DVD Burner is a powerful and easy-to-use dvd utility for CD and DVD burning. Clone CD DVD is also available. Backup Schedule backups files and folders your selected beforehand.It will carry out the backup task periodically.

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dvd burner, dvd copy, cd burner, clone cd, dvd clone

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Burn APE + CUE music file to CD


Ape2CD is an APE + CUE music CD image burner which can recover a music CD from an APE + CUE music CD image.

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APE + CUE, APE burner, APE music, APE format, APE to cd

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Burn big FLAC music file to CD


FLAC2CD can split a big .FLAC file to some CD track files based on .Cue file and then burn them to CD.

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flac to cd, cd burner, flac cue burner, flac music burner, flac cue file

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View your LoL owned skins! Plus much more!


Generate a report on the skins that you own for LoL. Determine how much you've spent on league and so much more!

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lolskinview, lol skin view, league skin view, lol account value, owned skins lol

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Rip Audio CD to MP3/WMA/AAC

3herosoft CD Ripper

3herosoft CD Ripper is CD to MP3 converter software for ripping CD to MP3, converting CD to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MP2, FLAC, AU, AAC, AC3, M4A, etc. audio files.

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cd ripper, rip cd to mp3, cd to wma, cd to aac, rip cd to audio

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Flac2CD is a FLAC + CUE file burner


Flac2CD is a FLAC + CUE file burner which can burn a music CD from an FLAC + CUE music CD image. A CUE file is required to burn the FLAC file, the CUE file contains the information of every track in the FLAC file.

Ключевые слова:
FLAC + CUE, FLAC burner, FLAC music, FLAC file, FLAC format

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Burn Ape  music file to CD


Ape2CD can split a big .Ape file to some CD track files based on .Cue file and then burn them to CD.

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ape to cd, ape cue file burner, ape file burner, ape music, ape cue formats

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Convert MP3 and WAV to CD, burn audio CDs.

Magic Audio CD Burner

Magic Audio CD Burner is a freeware burning solution for burning MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF files as CD audio that could be played on car CD player, CD discman, and so on. It allows you to burn aac to CD,ac3 to CD,aiff to CD,ape to CD,flac to CD,m4a to CD.

Ключевые слова:
cd burner, mp3 to cd, cd writer, flac to cd, wav to cd

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