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Hydroponic Nutrients Calculator

Hydroponic Nutrients Calculator

This Hydroponic Nutrients Calculator will calculate the necessary and proper amounts of nutrients for your hydroponic or soil gardening system.

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Hydroponics, Hydroponic Nutrients, Hydroponic Nutrients Calculator, Soil Nutrients, Soil Nutrients Calculator

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InnerSoft ISBH computes soil water balance

InnerSoft ISBH

InnerSoft ISBH computes soil water balance and Thornthwaite Moisture Index (Im). User must input Precipitation and Potential evapotranspiration values for each month.

Ключевые слова:
water, balance, hydrology, hydrologic cycle, soil

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Program for correlating SPT to soil property


NovoSPT is a software for analyzing Standard Penetration Test (SPT/ DCPT) blow counts and correlating N to soil engineering properties. Totally more than 285 formulas are incorporated into NovoSPT database from 70 papers and reference books.

Ключевые слова:
SPT, DCPT, Geotechnical, Soil, SPT Correlation

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3D visualization of geotechnical borehole log


VisLog is a robust and powerful software, designed for visualizing geotechnical/geological borehole logs and automatically drawing soil profiles. more than 30 soil types are supported and input data can be imported either from SMTP or gINT software.

Ключевые слова:
borehole log, log visualization, soil mechanics, gINT, gINT log

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Program for correlating SPT to soil property

SPT Correlations Software (NovoSPT)

NovoSPT is a software for analyzing Standard Penetration Test (SPT/ DCPT) blow counts and correlating N with soil engineering properties. Totally more than 215 formulas are implemented into NovoSPT from 50 papers and reference books

Ключевые слова:
SPT, Geotechnical, SPT Correlation, SPT Correction, Geotechnical Software

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CPT Interpretation Software (NovoCPT)


NovoCPT is designed for processing CPT files and calculating soil parameters such as friction angle, relative density, unit weight, fines content, shear wave velocity, Gmax, clay sensitivity, OCR, undrained shear strength, soil behavior type (SBT)

Ключевые слова:
Geotechnical, Soil, CPT Correlation, Geotechnical Software, Soil Mechanics

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Collection of geotechnical engineering tools

Bearing Capacity Software - PEYSANJ

Peysanj is a series of geotechnical engineering modules such as bearing capacity and settlement, pressure-meter test, plate loading test, soil liquefaction analysis, etc bundled as single software.

Ключевые слова:
Geotechnical software, bearing capacity, foundation settlement, settlement estimation, pressure meter test

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Soil liquefaction analysis program

Liquefaction Analysis Program (NovoLiq)

NovoLiq supports the following field tests for liquefaction assessment:
-Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
-Becker Density Test (BDT)
-Shear Wave Velocity (Vs)
Post-liquefaction lateral displacement and settlements, residual strength Sr

Ключевые слова:
Geotechnical software, Standard Penetration Test, soil Liquefaction

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Lateral earth pressure calculation


LateralK is a simple software for calculating lateral earth pressure coefficients and forces behind retaining walls in static and earthquake condition based on Rankine/ Coulumb formulae and also Mononobe/ Okabe methods.

Ключевые слова:
borehole log, earth pressure, lateral earth pressure, retaining wall design, active pressure

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Они мирно лежали в земле, изрешечённые...

Zombie Murder Hell Arrives

Они мирно лежали в земле, изрешечённые пулями, пока капли крови вновь не окропили засохшую почву. Запах свежей крови заставил их проснуться ото сна и подняться на ноги. Это зомби, и их оружие - голод.

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