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A SQL  security assessment software.

Secure SQL Auditor

Secure SQL Auditor is State of the art software for risk assessment and management, it conducts security audit and security assessment for SQL database security within minutes.

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sql database, security audit, sql security, security auditing, sql database server

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Simplify and automate SQL administration

EMS SQL Administrator Free for SQL Server

SQL Administrator - simplify and automate SQL Server administration process. Manage your maintenance tasks, analyze performance statistics, manage server permissions and find server security vulnerabilities.

Ключевые слова:
SQL Server, Administration, SQL administrator

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A SQL Server add-in to encrypt data

SQL Encryption Assistant

A SQL Server add-in which manages asymmetric keys, symmetric keys and certificates to encrypt data.

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SQL, T-SQL, Security, Encryption, SQL Server Encryption

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Now Decrypting SQL Database by SQL Decryptor

Advanced SQL Decryptor

Advanced SQL Decryptor Tool for Decrypting SQL Database is achievable without paying any single penny. Decrypt encrypted data SQL Server using this wonderful SQL Decryptor Tool developed our company.

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advanced sql decryptor, decrypt encrypted data sql server, decrypting sql database

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100% recover Microsoft SQL Server password

Daossoft SQL Password Recovery

Daossoft SQL Password Recovery is a handy SQL Server password recovery software to reset SA password or other user passwords for Microsoft SQL Server 2000,2005 and 2008 database. 100% security is guaranteed with all data and files undamaged.

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sql password recovery, recover sql password, reset sa password, forgotten sql password, lost sql password

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Password recovery tool for MS SQL Server

Lastbit SQL Password Recovery

SQL Password is a password recovery tool for MS SQL Server. It can recover passwords for SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2005, 2008 (all editions) . Lost or forgotten passwords can be either recovered or instantly reset.

Ключевые слова:
MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2005, 2008, sql password

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Imperfect SQL Recovery

Imperfect SQL Recovery

Want to know how to perform imperfect SQL recovery then immediately try SQL MDF File repair tool by which you can recovery SQL database along with entire components of the MDF File like tables, views, stored procedure, rules, XML data types etc.

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imperfect sql recovery, sql mdf file repair, recover sql database, suspect mode recovery, mdf recovery

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SQL Password Reset Tool

SQL Password Reset Tool

Conduct SQL Password Reset tool as soon as possible to get back your lost SQL password. You can comfortably remove or reset lost passwords of all SQL Server users with it.

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sql password reset tool, recover lost password of sql database, sql password recovery, how to get password of sql server

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Advanced SQL Decryptor Utility

SQL Decryptor Utility

If you are searching SQL Server database decryption tool then SQL Decryptor service is the best option for you. With the help of this utility user can decrypt data SQL server 2008 which is encrypted due to security reasons.

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sql decryptor utility, decrypt data sql server, decrypt data sql server 2008, decrypt encrypted data sql server, sql server database decryption tool

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SQL Server 2008 Decrypt Stored Procedure

SQL Server 2008 Decrypt Stored Procedure

Now you can easily SQL server 2008 decrypt stored procedure including other components of the SQL server database with the help of SQL decryptor software in a habile way.

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sql server 2008 decrypt stored procedure, decrypt SQL database, sql decryptor, sql decryptor freeware tool

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