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The Best Ghost Hunting Software

Ghost Hunting Software

The Best Ghost Hunting Software - The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook, To Track Your Entire Paranormal Investigation Easily!

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ghost hunting software, the paranormal log and analysis notebook, paranormal analysis software

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Paranormal zone - научно-фантастический...

Paranormal Zone

Paranormal zone - научно-фантастический скроллер-шутер. 21 Декабря 2012 года на Землю из космоса упал неизвестный объект.

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freeware, free game downloading, freeware games

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Search engine and analyzer for log data files

XpoLog Center

XpoLog log data analysis platform is an advanced data processing systems for log data, applications and cloud infrastructure. XpoLog help to quickly collect parse and index massive volume of log data. No agents, tags or changes are required.

Ключевые слова:
xpolog, log parser, log analyzer, log analysis, event log

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Free Download Notebook Data Recovery Software

Notebook Data Restore Software

Notebook data restore software is the world reliable and prominent Notebook data recovery tool to recover notebook data as well as restore data from Notebook without any trouble.

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notebook data restore software, notebook data restore, restore data from notebook, notebook data recovery, restore notebook data

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Ghost detector for Windows PC

XParanormal Detector

XParanormal Detector is an application designed to try to detect paranormal activity in your surroundings .It attempts to detect paranormal activity by using various electronic peripherals of your computer.

Ключевые слова:
ghosts, ghost radar, hunting, paranormal, spirits

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Free webcam software tuned for ghost hunting

Ghost Monitor

Ghost Monitor is a FREE software that uses webcams and microphones to capture images of paranormal manifestations. This software has been tuned to perform under conditions we expect ghosts and spirits to manifest.

Ключевые слова:
ghost, spirit, ghost hunter, ghost hunting, paranormal

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Firewall, VPN, Proxy server log analysis tool

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer is a web-based firewall log analysis tool that collects, correlates, and reports on most enterprise firewalls, proxy servers, and VPNs. It is a Firewall security audit and configuration analysis tool

Ключевые слова:
firewall log analyzer, anomoly detection, firewall logs, security, bandwidth monitoring

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Tool to speed up slow notebook

My Notebook Is Slow

My Notebook Is Slow is very strong utility to speed up the slow notebook performance. This tool is highly talented program that fixes all the issues in one click and helps you to boost up Notebook performance. It fixes all kind of errors and make your sys

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my notebook is slow, my note book is slow, how to speed up slow notebook, boost up notebook performance, why is notebook so slow

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Log Parser QL is free, easy tool.

Log Parser QL

Log Parser QL is free, easy to install and extremely flexible data analysis tool.

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Log Parser, Log Analyzer, Apache Log Parser, IIS Log Parser

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Log Viewer Plus

Просмотр логов в текстовом редакторе треC

Ключевые слова:
Log Viewer, Log File Viewer, Log File GUI, Log File Windows, Log Management

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