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Advanced trading program for Microsoft Excel


Advanced trading program for Microsoft Excel that allows managing your TD AMERITRADE account, backfill symbols data, execute orders, view account balances, build automated trading systems using built-in Auto Macros Manager in Excel and more.

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Technical Analysis in Microsoft Excel

TraderXL Pro Package

Technical Analysis in Microsoft Excel. 146 indicators and experts. Free download real and historical stock quotes from USA, Europe, and Canada into Excel spreadsheets. Mutual funds, corporate bonds, Major USA Market Indices, Major World Indices ...

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stock quotes, USA Market Indices, technical Analysis, appcraft, trader

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Solution for options data download to Excel

OptionsXL Pro

OptionsXL Pro is a ready-to-use solution for options data download and analysis in MS Excel. It is designed to help traders perform market analysis and make decisions. OptionsXL Pro is provided as a ready Excel workbook set up for a specific ticker.

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option quotes, options, free option quotes, stock options, option prices

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