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Perfect Ubuntu Recovery Software

Ubuntu Recovery

Ubuntu data recovery program is the best utility to recover Ubuntu deleted files from corrupted, formatted or inaccessible data from EXT2 or EXT3 file system. This Ubuntu recovery tool gives you chance to recover Ubuntu drive data.

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Download Ubuntu File Recovery Software

Ubuntu File Recovery

With the help of Recover Data Ubuntu file recovery software, you can recover Ubuntu files from corrupted or formatted Ext2 and Ext3 volumes. This Ubuntu file recovery program is simple and easy to use tool for technical or non technical users.

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ubuntu file recovery, ubuntu data recovery, recover ubuntu files, recover deleted ubuntu files, ubuntu file recovery program

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Excellent Ubuntu Partition Recovery Software

Ubuntu Partition Recovery

Recover Data for Ubuntu partition recovery software is one of the premium tool which can recover deleted Ubuntu partition with maximum possible extent. This Ubuntu data recovery software doesn't require any special technique to run it.

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ubuntu partition recovery, ubuntu partition recovery software, ubuntu partition recovery program, ubuntu data recovery, recover deleted ubuntu partition

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Download Ubuntu Hard Drive Recovery Software

Ubuntu Hard Drive Recovery

With the help of ubuntu hard drive recovery software, you can effortlessly recover deleted Ubuntu hard drive data without using any efforts. Ubuntu hard drive data recovery is simple and well performance linux data recovery utility for all users.

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ubuntu hard drive recovery, ubuntu hard drive recovery program, recover ubuntu hard drive data, ubuntu hard drive recovery software, ubuntu hard drive data recovery

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Import PST file to Thunderbird in Ubuntu

Import PST file to Thunderbird in Ubuntu

With PST to Thunderbird Exporter, users can easily import PST file to Thunderbird in Ubuntu. The software provides easy solution to batch import PST file to Thunderbird in Ubuntu.

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import pst file to thunderbird in ubuntu, pst file to thunderbird converter

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Pass 117-199 for  certification.

UCertify 117-199 Ubuntu Level 1 exam

Pass exam 117-199 in first attempt. 215 questions with detailed explanation and 63 study notes. 117-199 - Ubuntu Level 1 study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest LPI certification exam pattern.

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117-199, Ubuntu Level 1, 117-199 question, 117-199 exam, 117-199 study guide

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Ubuntu Data Recovery Software by Recover Data

Ubuntu Data Recovery

Ubuntu data recovery software is marvelous ubuntu file recovery tool that lets you to recover ubuntu data and restore ubuntu files from Linux Ext2 & Ext3 volumes & any storage media that supports Ext2 & Ext3 partitions.

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ubuntu data recovery software, ubuntu data recovery tool, ubuntu data recovery, recover ubuntu data, recover deleted ubuntu files

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MultiSeat Linux desktop virtualization

Userful MultiSeat

Userful MultiSeat multiseat Linux virtual desktop software turns 1 computer into 11 using USB multiseat devices such as the HP t100, Wyse E01, and MCT MWS 8820, keyboards, mice, and monitors. Installs on the leading Linux distributions such as Ubuntu

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classroom computer, computer education, multiseat Linux, shared resource computing, low cost computer

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MEPX - data analysis software


MEPX - a complex data analysis software running on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Ubuntu. It is used for solving regression and classification problems. MEPX is based on Multi Expression Programming which generates computer programs in an automatic way.

Ключевые слова:
data analysis, regression, classification, multi expression programming, genetic programming

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Multiseat Linux desktop virtualization.

Userful Multiplier

Userful Multiplier multiseat Linux virtual desktop software turns 1 computer into 10 using USB multiseat devices, keyboards, and monitors. Installs on the leading Linux distributions (Ubuntu, RedHat, Novell/SuSE, Fedora, Mandriva, Xandros, etc.).

Ключевые слова:
multiseat, multi-seat pc, multiseat Linux, multi-station computer software, multi-user pc

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