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Protect VBA projects from password cracking.

Protect VBA Code

Protect VBA Code protects VBA projects from password cracking in MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, FrontPage, PowerPoint, and Project files.

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Protect VBA, VBA Code Protection, Secure VBA Code, Lock VBA Code

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Compiler Excel VBA code to native Windows DLL

VbaCompiler for Excel

VBA compiler converts VBA code of Microsoft Excel workbooks and Excel add-ins into binary code (native Windows DLL file). After compilation your VBA code cannot be copied or recovered and has the highest level of protection from piracy.

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doneex, vbacompiler, excel vba compiler, vba code protection, vba code compilation

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Advanced VBA Password Recovery Code

VBA Password Recovery Code

VBA Password Recovery Code Tool from VBA Password Recovery is high performance, robust, reliable and cost effective application to recover VBA password files.

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vba password recovery code, vba password recovery, vba password recovery code tool, free vba password recovery, recover vba password

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VBA Password Remover to Remove VBA Protection

Remove VBA Protection

The ultimate VBA Password Recovery software to remove vba protection of Word, Excel, Power-Point and of various MS Office utilities. The method of the VBA Password Protection Removal software also works on multilingual passwords.

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remove vba protection, recover vba password, vba password protection removal, reset vba password, vba password recovery

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Protect VBA Code and clean VBA projects


VBASafe is an advanced product specifically designed to protect your VBA code.With VBASafe your VBA code is converted to a format which is unreadable to the human eye but still interpreted as normal code by Microsoft Excel.

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protect vba code, excel crack vba password, excel hack vba password, excel vba security

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Removes or resets forgotten VBA Password

Reset VBA Password

Password recovery utility for password protected VBA Modules in MS Office documents (Excel, Word, Power Point, Project). It gives you peace of mind that you will never be locked out from your own programs.

Ключевые слова:
VBA password recovery, reset VBA password, recover Excel password, remove Excel password protection, lost Excel password

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Access / Preview protected or hidden VBA code

VBA Password Bypasser

VBA Password Bypasser allows you to access password protected, locked or unviewable VBA projects in MS Office [Access, Excel, ...], WordPerfect, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, etc. Build-in VBA code viewer to filter files with potentially harmful (hidden) code.

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vba password recovery, vba password removal, locked project, project is unviewable, macros password

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Unlock password-protected VBA code.

VBA Password Recovery Professional

Keep your VBA project code secure by protecting it with password. But don't lose it! If you already have, this tool will recover your lost password or remove it completely from the document. All versions of Microsoft Office are supported.

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vba, lost, password, recovery, ms

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Remove VBA password protection.

Excel Remove VBA Password Software

Remove VBA password protection in one or more MS Excel files. This software does not remove sheet/workbook protection or passwords required when opening an Excel file. Excel 2000 or higher required.

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removing, remover, how to, code, delete

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Excel VBA Password Remover Code

Excel VBA Password Remover Code

Excel VBA Password Remover Code that recovers any MS Office file that is password protected from a long time. To recover VBA project password is not a typical job using SysTools VBA Password Remover Tool.

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