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Learn the general principles of game design

General Principles of Video Game Design

Learn the general principles of video game design in this eBook. These principles can be applied to all platforms. Find out about the basic ground rules of game design that you should know.

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game design, video game design, design game online, game art and design

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Growler Guncam is a game video capture tool.

Growler Guncam

Growler Guncam is a game recorder and video capture tool that allows users to create video from games and other programs. Guncam can turn this video into AVI files, animated GIF files, and even JPEG still shots.

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screen capture, game capture, game video recording, game movie making, game video recorder

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The best Game Recording application!

Aiseesoft Game Recorder

Aiseesoft Game Recorder as the best game capture software can help users capture any game videos such as live game video and online gameplay. Then you can share the game process with your friends and family.

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game recorder, record lol game, best PC game recorder, game recorder software, video game recorder

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Learn about the game of video poker

About The Video Poker Game

Learn about the game of video poker in general as well as about the online and regular casino variants in this informative eBook. All of the sections in the eBook are as follows: Introduction, About The Video Poker Game and Recommended Resources.

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video poker, play poker, free online poker, play free poker, poker machine

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My Faster Game is a game speed-up tool.

My Faster Game

My Faster Game is a game speed-up tool developed for accelerating execution of video games on Windows PCs.

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game faster, my faster game, game booster, speed up game

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Learn how you can play games for money

Games: Make money playing video games

Learn how you can play games for money in this eBook. Find out the general things you can do to make money by playing a game. Make money playing video games on a regular basis through the information in this eBook.

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game make money playing, game make money play, game make money, game make money playing video

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Это бесплатный симулятор, включающий ...

Pool Cueshot

Это бесплатный симулятор, включающий несколько видов столов и различные точки обзора. Эти новые детали сделали игру более интересной и непредсказуемой. Ты можешь оттачивать мастерство не только соревнуясь с компьютером, но и с другом или приятелем.

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freeware, free game downloading, freeware games

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Game Camcorder make gorgeous game videos!

Game Camcorder

Game Camcorder is a great tool to capture screenshots of a game at the press of a key! No wasting time and efforts to copy and paste screenshots every now and then - the program saves within seconds and automatically names and timestamps them.

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game, video, record, capture, video game

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Billiard Art is a billiard simulator.

Billiard Art

Billiard Art is a billiard simulator with several additional arcade tables of variable geometry. These new features make the game much more interesting and unpredictable.

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Billiard Art, billiard game, 3d game

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Space Game

Space Game

Space game is a wonderful and amazing top-view space game.

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Space Game, Space, Game

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