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Amazing evening lake screensaver.

Amazing Lake Screensaver

Amazing Lake Screensaver presents realistic relaxing scene with animated water, screaming birds and flying butterflies. It has three useful gadgets right on your screen: local clock, latest news and weather forecast information in real-time.

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Free Clock & Weather Web Part for SharePoint

SharePoint Clock & Weather Web Part

Virto Clock & Weather is Web Part for SharePoint for displaying Time and Weather for Different Time Zones. Classic and Digital Clocks, Weather Forecast for 1-5 days, Custom Color Themes and much more! Free and Pro version are available.

Ключевые слова:
sharepoint, web part, clock, world clock, weather

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See current and future weather information.

Weather Taskbar Software

See current and future weather information by your zip code location. Temperatures and forcasts for the next few days can be displayed conveniently at the bottom your screen.

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An integrated virtual Weather Station

PC Weather Machine

PC Weather Machine is an integrated weather- monitoring tool offering more meteorological information than most weather modules. Displays the meteorological conditions, weather maps and sites for the places of your choice

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Get current weather and forecast info FREE!

Crawler Weather

Get current weather information for forecasts, maps, storms and traffic news for your hometown or anywhere else in the world. View graphic forecast, radar, maps and more! Free Crawler Toolbar is also available for download.

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Wonderful morning lake screensaver.

Time For Fishing Screensaver

Do you like fishing party? Time For Fishing screensaver provides a wonderful morning lake with plashing waves, fish boat, gulls and mysterious forest.

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New handy weather-related Icons Set

Icons-Land Vista Style Weather Icons Set

Do you need to represent weather conditions with really nice images or need some nice weather icons for your web applications? Weather Icons Set is a perfect way to make any weather application for PC or mobile devices more informative and saturated.

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Говорящая программа-календарь + напоминатель.

Actual Reminder

Мощная говорящая программа-календарь для любых видов напоминаний с прогнозом погоды на рабочем столе, удобным органайзером, напоминанием на e-mail, отправкой поздравительных открыток, сменой обоев на рабочем столе и многими другими функциями.

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actual reminder, reminder, calendar, weather, forecast

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Clock with weather forecast and currency conv

PalmaryClock Wireless Edition

PalmaryClock Wireless Edition s not just an improved clock, it is a technological breakthrough. The latest currency information, weather forecasts and exact time are seamlessly integrated for you!

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desktop calendar supports weather and outlook

PlainSight Desktop Calendar

Great looking desktop calendar supports weather forecasts , tasks and appointments of Outlook.

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desktop calendar, wallpaper, task, appointment, weather

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