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Аудио :: MP3 Органайзеры
Дом и Обучение :: Обучающие Программы
Дом и Обучение :: Прочее
Change decibel volume of one or more MP3 file

MP3 Normalize Volume Levels Software

Change decibel volume of one or more MP3 files to a specified level.

Ключевые слова:
normalization, raise, lower, high, low

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Метроном для занятий музыкантов.

YGS Metronome

Метроном для занятий музыкантов. Ничего лишнего. Все лучшие музыканты занимаются под метроном для развития или поддержания умения ровно играть на должном уровне. Стандартная шкала темпа, тэп-контроль, регулятор громкости.

Ключевые слова:
metronome, temp, adagio, andante, presto

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Make your own hair lotions.

Hair Lotions

The many benefits of custom setting lotions offer are volume, hold and luminous shine, as well as control from fly-away hair while you set, blow-dry or style your hair.

Ключевые слова:
hair lotions, homemade hair lotions, homemade lotions, hair lotions ebook, hair ebook

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An extremely powerful Volume repair tool

Stellar Volume Repair

Repairs and rebuilds damaged volume structure and checks for errors in catalog file, multi-linked files, extents overflow file, Journaled files, volume bitmap, and volume information

Ключевые слова:
Mac Disk Repair, Repair Mac Disk, Mac Hard Drive Repair, Mac Volume Repair, Repair Mac Hard Drive

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The definitive program launcher for Windows

Control Runner

Fast Submit

Ключевые слова:

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Generate heavy bass from the speakers.

Bass Test Software

This software offers a solution to users who want to generate heavy bass from the computer speakers using a number of tracks. There is a choice of noises tracks available through a drop down menu and a slider for volume control.

Ключевые слова:
bass testing, play heavy bass, basstracks, tracks of bass songs, sounds audio

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Use Brevium and Increase Patient Volume

Increase Patient Volume

Are you worried about your decreasing patient volume? Give this to Brevium and you concentrate on your practice. Brevium helps you increase patient volume by driving right patients to your clinic

Ключевые слова:
increase patient volume, Patient Reactivation, patient volume, how to increase patient volume, how to increase patients

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Duplicates Windows volume to a bootable copy.


XXCLONE copies the whole Win XP/Vista/Win7 system volume to another disk that can boot without restore. Supports IDE, SATA and USB-disks. Can copy FAT to NTFS or vice versa. Ideal for periodic backup, disk upgrade or migration. Very easy to Use.

Ключевые слова:
backup, clone, disk, disk cloning, boot

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A fast, easy-to-use flash video player.

Flash Player

iFlysoft Flash Player is a fast,and features rich professional quality flash player,flash frames and volume control,multi-play mode,different kinds of playlist manager,flash files organizer,full-screen or normal playback,easy to use interface.

Ключевые слова:
iFlysoft Flash Player, Playlist Manager, Flash Frames Control, Full-screen Playback

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle desert simulation


iDrone is a UAV simulator that allows you to control an unmanned aerial vehicle, flying over a large 3D city scape or a mountain terrain. iDrone features a target practice mode and a mission mode where you have specific goals to achieve

Ключевые слова:
uav, drone, simulation, dessert, mission

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