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zend studio
zend framework
zend php 5 certification
zend-php5 test
zend-php5 notes
zend-php5 exam
zend-php5 question
zend framework exam
zend-php5 study guide
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Pass ZEND-PHP5 for  certification.

UCertify ZEND-PHP5 Zend PHP 5 Certificat

Pass exam ZEND-PHP5 in first attempt. 263 questions with detailed explanation and 133 study notes. ZEND-PHP5 - Zend PHP 5 Certification study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Zend certificatio

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ZEND-PHP5, Zend PHP 5 Certification, ZEND-PHP5 question, ZEND-PHP5 exam, ZEND-PHP5 study guide

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Zends PHP Editor and IDE to speed up PHP dev

Zend Studio for Linux

Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) available for professional developers that encompasses all the development components necessary for the full PHP application lifecycle.

Ключевые слова:
Zend, PHP, IDE, DevelopmentEnvironment, Debugger

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Pass ZendPHPFramework for  certification.

UCertify ZendPHPFramework Zend Framework

Pass exam ZendPHPFramework in first attempt. 202 questions with detailed explanation and 84 study notes. ZendPHPFramework - Zend Framework Exam study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Zend cert

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ZendPHPFramework, Zend Framework Exam, ZendPHPFramework question, ZendPHPFramework exam, ZendPHPFramework study guide

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Webuzo for Magento

Webuzo for Magento

Ecommerce platform for growth

Ключевые слова:
webuzo, Magento

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Charting Library for PHP development

TeeChart for PHP

Object-Oriented Charting component library completely written in PHP and ready to be used in any PHP scripts. Includes 25+ chart types and variations, a toolset for additional charting functionality, like Annotation, Colour Banding with Transparency.

Ключевые слова:
php chart, chart graph for php, phped, zend studio, delphi for php

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Best application to build an interactive CD.


iNewPHP is the best application to build an interactive CD.

Ключевые слова:
iNewPHP, PHP on CD, PHP on USB, PHP, SQLite

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Умнейшая среда разработки для PHP

PHP IDE PhpStorm

PhpStorm - это легкая и умная среда разработки для PHP, сосредоточенная на производительности разработчика, глубоко понимающая код, обеспечивающая интеллектуальное автозавершение кода, быструю навигацию и отлов ошибок на лету.

Ключевые слова:
PHP IDE, PhpStorm, Web Development, PHP programming, PHP development

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Pluskit eBiz Get Paid Script

Get Paid PlusKit Script

Pluskit eBiz Get Paid Script: If you want to create and manage from a simple get paid to click, get paid to read e-mail or get paid to surf site to a professionally structured affiliate program, Pluskit eBiz Get Paidâ„¢ script is the tool you are...

Ключевые слова:
script get paid, paid to read, paid to play games, paid to promote, paid to lead

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Contacts importer and tell-a-friend script.

AdiInviter Pro Tell A Friend Script

The Ultimate Contacts Importer And Tell-A-Friend System For Your Website. Import contacts from email accounts, social networks and lot more.. Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, AOL, GMX, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo and many more..

Ключевые слова:
contacts, importer, inviter, tell-a-friend, gmail

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Sync Outlook with Google/CalDAV Calendar(s)


2-way Sync with Google Calendars/Contact and CalDAV Calendars/Tasks/Contacts. Import, export and subscribing of ICS files/feeds for MS Outlook the smart way. Various options cover the need of exchanging, synchronizing events, tasks and contacts.

Ключевые слова:
iCalendar, ICS, Import, Export, Feed

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