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Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Flashcards

Japanese Kana Flashcards

Japanese Kana Flashcards is exactly what it sounds like. You can flip through flashcards of the Kana characters, with the option of showing or hiding the Romaji Chose to display them in standard order (a-z) or to shuffle them for random order.

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Japanese, Kana, Flashcards, Hiragana, Katakana

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Spanish/English flashcards 1,000 nouns

ISaggio Spanish Flashcards 1,000 Nouns

iSaggio Spanish Flashcards contains the first 1,000 most common nouns spoken in Latin America. Modern words used today in the Spanish-speaking world. Word Prioritization helps you focus on the words that you need help with the most

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spanish, flashcards, prioritize, english, language

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AnkiApp is a simple, efficient, flashcard app

AnkiApp Flashcards

AnkiApp is a simple, efficient, flashcard app that lets you study at your own pace, whenever you have time. It works on your phone and tablet too, and synchronizes automatically between all your devices.

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flashcards, flash cards, anki, learn, study

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Free! AFC improves test scores.

Academic Flashcards

Academic Flashcards is FREE. Helps improve test scores, memorize terms/definitions, and questions/answers. It is a simple, straightforward, and free flashcards tool that replaces paper flashcards.

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Improve test scores, Free Study Tool, Free Teaching Tool, flash cards, flashcards

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Offline: Study flashcards on your phone!

Keepinhead Flashcards Mobile Free

Study flashcards on your phone. Study Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese, SAT or GRE flashcards. Synchronize your flashcards with Keepinhead PC edition via bluetooth. Share flashcards to frieds (over 500 000 flashcards already shared).

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study, language, languages, dictionary, software

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Study flashcards. Spanish, Russian, SAT, GRE

KeepInHead Flashcards PC Free

Study flashcards on your PC and phone. Spanish, French, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese, SAT, GRE and more! Includes audio. Share flashcards with friends (over 500 000 flashcards shared).

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flashcard, flashcards, study, language, languages

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Accelebrain is vocabulary builder software


Accelebrain is vocabulary builder and flashcard software which helps you quickly memorize words, phrases, vocabulary, numbers, formulas, historical dates, or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format.

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Accelebrain, Vocabulary Builder, Vocabulary Software, Flashcards Software

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Create printed and on-screen flashcards.

Flashcard Factory

Create printed and on-screen flashcards. Text is automatically formatted to fit each card. Includes a built-in text editor, free updates, and e-mail support. Double-clicking on a data file starts program and loads file.

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flashcards, flash, cards, study, learn

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Learn the elements with flash cards.

Periodic Table Flash Cards

Flashcards are a great way to learn facts fast. Periodic Table Flash Cards focuses on helping you learn the elements quickly.

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PeriodicTable, Periodic, Table, Flash Cards, FlashCards

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CCNA 5.0 Lite simulator, FlashCards

CCNA FlashCards

RouterSim's FlashCards is a robust CCNA exam prep program that you can use in preparing for your CCNA exam. You can interact with over 300 top quality multiple-choice questions, depending on the level of interaction and difficulty you choose.

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router simulator, cisco simulator, ccna practice exam, routersim, ccna exam prep

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