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Play air hockey, video game style!

Air Hockey

If you like air hockey, you'll LOVE this flash air hockey game!

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A complete stats program with many options.

StatTrak for Hockey

StatTrak for Hockey software is a complete stats program with many options yet very easy to use. Track and calculate over 60 stats including Shots On Goal, Assists, Game Tying Goals, Saves, Penalties, Hat Trick, game scores and won/lost record.

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Разнообразьте вид вашего рабочего стола.


Разнообразьте вид вашего рабочего стола. Поставьте на рабочий стол эмблему вашего любимого футбольного или хоккейного клуба в знак преданной фанатской поддержки, либо флаг своей страны или украсьте рабочий стол к празднику, чтобы создать атмосферу.

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Program predicts Ice Hockey results!

Ice Hockey Predictor

With the help of advanced algorithms based on neural networks this revolutionary software will predict Ice Hockey game results with great accuracy! If you want to make a living at sports betting this will be an invaluable tool for you!

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This is one of the best Air Hockey game ever!

Airhockey 2009

This is one of the best Air Hockey game ever! And you do not even need an opponent to play with. You can play it alone against the computer and have the best fun ever.

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Sports  Screensaver consisting sports pics.

Huston Sports Screensaver

Sports action Screensaver consisting of all types of sports, from football, baseball, hockey, soccor, tenis, all major and minor leauge sports. This is a freeware screensaver with no limitations.

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DEMO of  INTENTION 3D Game System

INTENTION 3D Game System Demo

DEMO of INTENTION 3D Game System. The ecologically friendly place to print your own game boards. Iincludes the integrated game manual, the PC game simulators and the game editor and re-player for the strategy hockey board game INTENTION.

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Strategic Hockey card scoring game.

StanleyHero Hockey Practice

Strategic Hockey action-card scoring game played with a deck of hockey cards. Play 3 cards to get close enough to shoot and try to score. Team-mates will help you to victory. Options include playing against a friend or computerized opponents.

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How good are your reflexes? Come and play thi

Disc Battle

How good are your reflexes? Come and play this indoor sports game with the computer!

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NHL Chicago Blackhawks Theme

NHL Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Firefox Theme

This is for the fan of NHL's Chicago Blackhawks or just someone that loves a great looking hockey theme! Includes links to the Blackhawk's site, up-to-date videos in the sidebar and two different themes!

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