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Merge Several Word Pages into One

Merge Word Pages

Effortlessly merge several word pages into a single word page by using this excellent merge word pages software. It supports all Microsoft Word pages including like: - MS Word 2003, MS Word 2007, MS Word 2010 and so on.

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merge word pages 2003, merge word pages 2007, merge word pages 2010, merge word pages, merge ms word pages

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Extract Pages from PDF Files

Extract Pages from PDF

Extract useful pages from PDF and discard all unwanted pages using Extract PDF Tool. This tool is intended to extract pages from PDF and creates new PDF in users's desired location. Download ExtactPDF & extract pages from PDF file with stunning ease

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extract pages from pdf, extract pages from pdf file, extract pages from pdf files, extracting pages from pdf, extracting pages from pdf

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Extract Selected Pages from PDF

Extract Selected Pages from PDF

With ExtractPDF you can extract selected pages from PDF document. Extract all your useful pages from multi-page PDF documents by selecting those pages using Extract PDF.

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extract selected pages from pdf, extract important pages from pdf, extract selected pages from pdf document, extract selected pages from pdf files, how to extract selected pages from pdf

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A powerful yellow pages extractor utility

Yellow Pages Extractor

A powerful yellow pages data extractor utility to extract email addresses, URL,, phone, fax, etc... Data extractor for Yellow Pages.

Ключевые слова:
yellow pages, spider, yellow pages extractor, extractor, email extractor

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Save Pages from PDF in easy steps

Save Pages from PDF

Extract PDF software is the best utility that helps users Save Pages from PDF. With this program you can easily and effortlessly save Pages from PDF file in very less time. The software supports to Save Pages from PDF 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7.

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save pages from pdf, save pages from pdf in separated files, save pages from pdf file, save individual pages from a pdf document,

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Extract PDF Pages

Extract PDF Pages

Now it??™s possible to Extract PDF Pages without Acrobat installation thanks to the availability of the amazing Extract PDF software.

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extract pdf pages, extract pdf pages without acrobat, extract adobe pdf pages

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Free kids coloring pages toolbar for IE

Free Kids Coloring Pages

Free kids coloring pages toolbar for Internet Explorer, kids free coloring pages,free coloring pages for kids, high quality disney coloring pages, free coloring pages, free black and white coloring pages

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Free kids coloring pages, browser toolbar, toolbar, ie toolbar,

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PDF Rotate Pages

PDF Rotate Pages COM Component

PDF Rotate Pages software automates the process of rotating the view of individual or ranges of pdf pages to a degree angle of either: 0, 90, 180, 270

PDF Rotate Pages supports options for: all, odd or even pages or you can specify a list of page

Ключевые слова:
PDF, Rotate, Pages, COM, Component

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Remove blank pages from scanned pdf files

Blank page remover PDF

Detect & delete blank pages from scanned pdf documents using AxpertSoft Pdf page remover software. In fact, program is designed to remove custom defined part pages as well as blank pages from bulk pdf files.

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blank page remover, remove blank page, pdf page remover, remove pdf pages, delete blank pages

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WebSaver helps you to save valuable web pages


WebSaver is a powerful application designed to enable you to save web page content.. It is a helpful web page collection tool for information management.

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websaver, collect web pages, save web pages, gather web pages

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