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how to increase patients
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Maintain Your Patient Volume with Brevium

Maintain Your Patient Volume with US

For the medical practitioners looking forward increasing patient volume in their clinics, Brevium is the best software. With increased patient volume Brevium also provides you 500% returns on your investments.

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Email patients from Dentrix and Abeldent

Patient E-Blaster

Send newsletters, promotions and more by email absolutely free. 7 easy steps. Works with Dentrix and Abeldent.

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Worklist manager (Worklist broker)

Makhaon Worklist Server

Protects the integrity of the patients` data storage in the healthcare provider information system (HIS), as well as provides medical research planning and patients` data transfer to medical devices.

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worklist, dicom, pacs, hl7, his

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Cord Blood Software for Clinics and Labs

Cord Blood Software

CBS provides sample and patient test management data for cord blood banking. The software provides the final reporting for various aspects of DNA typing and Serological besides the cross matching blood patterns.

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cord blood, cord blood software, stem cell software

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Benefits of chiropractic care

Benefits of chiropractic care 2.0

Benefits of chiropractic care:
Here's the formula: You bring in new patients, offer them a valuable service, and find the best way to keep them coming back again and again.
It's really that simple.
The new patients aren't hiding from

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Help your patients!

Organ Transplant

You are a surgeon working 12 hours shifts every day. There are a lot of people in desperate need for organ transplantation. You have to help them before it is too late. Pick up the most needed ones and operate on them.

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Aphasia treatment software

PowerAFA Aphasia Treatment Software

PowerAFA is an Aphasia, speech and brain injury treatment software, that improves words and letters recognition and other skills in aphasic patients. Software is composed by a great variety of exercises.

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Software, Aphasia, Speech, Brain, Injury

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Brevium an Innovative Patient Recall Software

Innovative Patient Recall Software

Now doctors don??™t need to bother about filling their schedules. Brevium gives you solution as patient recall software. It brings your lost patients back. The patient reactivation software gives you 500% returns from the first month.

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Use Brevium and Increase Patient Volume

Increase Patient Volume

Are you worried about your decreasing patient volume? Give this to Brevium and you concentrate on your practice. Brevium helps you increase patient volume by driving right patients to your clinic

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Best facilities for medical tourism in India

Medical tourism in India

Get the best medical treatment options for your illness in medical tourism in India. Medical Opinion is one of the finest medical tourism companies in India that provides world class medical tourism packages to patients at the best values.

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